Why Valid ID?
Valid-ID is much more than an ID card printing company...

A good-looking card that brands your company is only the beginning. Valid ID cards add a level of
security and protection that other cards don’t offer! All Valid ID cards have a photo of the employee and can be instantly verified by scanning the QR code on the front of each card.

A quality card can boost your branding efforts and help your clients feel more comfortable with your employees. A badge says... “I am official and authorized to be here.” Having a branded ID badge adds that additional perception of trust that today’s companies are trying to convey. But, it can also work against your company if someone uses your company’s ID badge in an inappropriate way. It is not uncommon for thieves to access facilities using old company badges to steel from clients or do other damage

Valid-ID’s backend system protects you by allowing you to activate or deactivate your ID Cards in real-time! Using Valid-ID allows you to enjoy the benefits of a quality photo ID card with custom branding creating trust with your customers. When necessary, you can electronically deactivate the card if the employee loses a badge or does not return it after he leaves your comapny for any reason. This protects your company from having ID badges used in a fraudulent manner.