Card Security
How much control do you have over your current
ID badges? How can you protect your company
from misrepresentation by someone using a lost,
stolen or obsolete ID badge?
Valid-ID does not consider itself an ID card printing company. We offer so much more. How often do you hear a story about a felon who accessed someones home or business acting as an employee of a utility company? Once they are in, they commit a heinous crime.
Now... What if the homeowner could ask to see the badge through a window and scan it with their phone or tablet? What if the scan came up with a bad card and they could contact 911 or the company right away? That is exactly Valid-Id’s vision. See sample scans here.
In 2013 an ex-employee of Hewlett Packard entered the Naval Yard near Washington D.C. Though he had been fired, the guards at the gate had no way of knowing and let him in... where he went on to kill several people. Imagine if the guards would have been able to verify his company ID badge in real-time. Hewlett Packard would been able to shut off the badge the minute they fired him and the base security guards would have been alerted once they scanned his employee ID badge. They would of prevented him from entering the base and prevented this incident.
“Living” ID cards are the future to protect clients, employees and businesses alike. For additional protection, we encourage all employers to upgrade to a full CrimShield Certification which adds a full background investigation, driving records, and drug screenings to your verifiable ID badges.
Valid-ID can help protect your company!