Reasons to Choose Valid ID for
Your Company ID Badging...
It is amazing what a simple company ID card can do for your professional branding. An ID badge says…we are professional and here to help. Valid-Id makes creating an ID card easy. You can choose to use a standard Valid-ID card or up for a complete custom ID unique to your company. With out custom feature, you can add title, hire date, expiration date, department and more. All our custom ID cards are created from scratch by your very own graphic design artist. It has never been  easier and more cost effective to have custom ID badges printed for your company.
Unlike other badge printing companies, Valid-ID takes the security of your card and employees serious. The fact is sometimes employees lose their badges or do not return them when they leave your company. Having a badge floating out there can be nerve racking leaving your brand open for possible problems. With our Valid-Id online system, you can shut your missing or expired cards off so when anyone scans the QR code they will see the card is no longer valid. This also allows individuals who find the badge to call or email you so your badge can return safely.
In order help you make the right decision for your organization, Valid-ID has created a general cost analysis based on our knowledge of card printing. If you are printing less than 750 cards per year, Valid-Id is your answer.
Cost of printing your own cards:
Cost of Printer $2500
Cost of Supplies per 100 $200
Cost of Employee per 100 $100
Card Printing Software $1000.00

Cost By Number of Employees:
100 employees - $3800.00
200 employees - $4100.00
400 employees- $4700.00
600 employees- $5300.00
800 employees- $5900.00
Compare to Using Valid-ID:
100 employees - $850.00
200 employees - $1600.00
400 employees- $3100.00
600 employees- $4600.00
800 employees- $6100.00